Pots of Hope, Susie

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Upcoming Workshops, Courses and Classes

Info + booking details:

Pots of Hope Susie – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Show me How to Throw a Pot – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Open Sharing Bowls – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Play with Clay April/May 2024 – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Summer Solstice Tiles/ Small Scale Sundials – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Play with Clay June/July 2024 – CITY ARTS NEWBURY

Shalbourne Village Pottery Workshops 7th and 21st July 2024

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Upcoming Exhibitions and Sales:

Pots of Hope, Susie | Open Studios (open-studios.org.uk)

Venues map | Open Studios (open-studios.org.uk)

Artisans H&made Uk at Parkway ShoppingNewbury (shopatparkway.com)

September Ceramics 2023 – CITY ARTS NEWBURY (Also Sept 24 …details coming soon)

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About me

Ceramicist, Optimist, Teacher

Homeware, Table Art, Jewellery

Sales, Workshops, Courses, Classes

Bespoke Pottery, Mindful Creativity, Wellbeing, Connection